Customer Service

Customer service runs through the organisation at all levels

To sustain performance and extend market penetration, AESSEAL® recognises that service, reliability (increasing measurable equipment uptime), customer-focused product and service innovation are tangible value-adding ingredients and fundamental to the Company’s selling proposition.

Our Policy

AESSEAL was founded to compete against the largest, established seal companies by offering something unique: absolute excellence in customer service. This entrenched ethos is exemplified by the Company’s Purpose Statement “to provide our customers with such an exceptional level of service that they never need to consider alternative sources of supply”.


AESSEAL‘s commitment to customer service runs through the organisation at all levels. This commitment includes:-
  • Extensive levels of inventory so that its customers have no need to consider alternative sources of supply. AESSEAL® probably has the highest level of inventory to sales value in the Industry
  • Over 10,500 product lines available ex-stock
  • Global sales presence: 212 locations supplying +90 countries
  • On-site technical support
  • Bi-lingual sales and technical advice
  • A full product and service offering including Cartridge Seals, Seal Support Systems, Mixer Seals, Packaging and Bearing Protectors
  • Continuous round-the-clock service and support: 365 days per year
The Company is multi-lingual in addition to speaking one global language: Service.