Inventory focused on service delivery

Relative to sales value, AESSEAL® believes it has probably the highest level of component seal inventory, which is held strategically to service customers needs.

In the Component Seal sector, immediate supply across the spectrum of global sealing requirements provides a significant competitive advantage, especially when supported with commercially attractive pricing and exceptional product and service quality. By investing in pioneering technology, we simplify the whole ordering process and respond quickly to customers’ needs – whatever, wherever. We aim to exceed expectation consistently: in delivery, quality, reliability and service. 

Product families

The Component Seal range covers the following major product families:
  • Enclosed Rubber Bellows seals (B0 Range)
  • Parallel-spring Rubber Diaphragm seals (P0 Range)
  • Enclosed Rubber Bellows seals to suit common Parallel-spring dimensions (BP0 Range)
  • Tapered-spring seals (T0 Range)
  • PTFE Wedge seals (M0 Range)
  • Wave-spring seal (W0 Range)
  • Seals to suit FLYGT submersible pumps (T05 Range)
  • AESSEAL® also has a comprehensive range of OEM and application specific component seals.

In addition, AESSEAL® has an extensive range of seals for the Food and Beverage Industry which have FDA and EU compliant materials.

We offer a wide range of the highest quality seal face materials such as Resin-Impregnated Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide and Alumina Ceramic. We also offer a choice of 3 standard elastomers: Buna-Nitrile, EPR and Viton. Such choice enables a balance to be made against suitability and price.

Modularity = production efficiency and versatility

Due to a Modular Design Concept, not only is AESSEAL® able to keep its production costs to a minimum – which strategically keeps the price commercially attractive, but also enables AESSEAL® to build specific component seal items direct from its stock in order to meet specific customer requirements.