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AESSEAL® has produced a range of literature in a variety of languages to support the comprehensive Component Seal product portfolio.


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Fact Sheets

AESSEAL® F- product range use EU, FSA and FDA compliant materials as standard.

Group Documentation: Standards for Component Seal materials in accordance with EU 1935/2004



FDA Compliant (F-) Component Seal Materials




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Application form for non-standard component seals. For standard seals (listed on the site and in the product range brochure) please use the contact form.

White Paper

Mechanical seals are leakage control devices, which are found on rotating equipment such as pumps and mixers.

Modern process industry has become increasingly focused on the installed life of pump machinery. Reliability of these assets has a significant effect on business performance in terms of profitability and safety.

The paper evaluates wastewater industry pumping equipment life with pumping equipment from other different industry sectors. Comparisons are made with both aqueous and hydrocarbon industries. The methods of life measurement that process industry has adopted are discussed. These methods have driven improvements but have limitations.



AESSEAL® Type T0WPC Upgrade product offering



​M0FCx range of upgrade alternatives are available for all major T01FU variants.

Component Seal for the Food and Beverage Industry



The AESSEAL T0-U range offers unrivalled product flexibility with over 8 times* more saleable assembly variants to stocked components.

AESSEAL’s P0-U range offers unrivalled product flexibility with over 7* times more saleable variants to stocked components.

AESSEAL’s B0-U range offers unrivalled product flexibility with over 5 times* more saleable assembly variants to stocked components.

Seals designed specifically to suit Grundfos® Pumps

(CR, CRI & CRN Series)



AESSEAL® have a wide variety of world class products to suit the wide range of pump makes and models used in the food and beverage industry.

Our F- component seal range is specifically designed to minimize bug traps, and all seal types use materials that are suitable for contact with food. AESSEAL manufacturers FDA, FSA & EU Compliant Component Seals... that you can trust.

(This brochure is a 11MB download)


AESSEAL® Component Seal range has been developed over many years, and offers solutions capable of sealing a diverse range of industries and applications.

Whether it be a waste water pump on a sewage plant, or a food processing pump in the dairy industry; AESSEAL® has the technology to seal the application.

(This brochure is a 19MB download)

Case Study

One of the largest dairies in Ireland upgraded component seals with M0FCA plug-in seals. Saving the dairy around £10,000 a year.



Installation Guide

A simple flier designed to aid the identification of left or right hand orientation of springs.



A flier which shows how to fit TTV O-rings

(Double PTFE wrapped with a Viton® core).